About Us

So how did Sunshine N Whiskey Life Start you ask?

Well I'm a momma of two energetic little boys that are my life! In early 2014, my oldest was diagnosed with Autism. It has had a rippling effect on our family that we never saw coming. Because every child on the spectrum is different, there is no "cure" or specific therapy that works for every child out there. It is truly a trial and error treatment process with his symptoms.

Due to his regression over the years, and most recently, having a traditional job is not an option with the assistance and needs my son has. So I began to think how I can help my family financially, as many new and nontraditional therapies for my son are not covered by insurance. Needless to say, my epiphany was to somehow merge my crafting addiction and our love of the outdoors into a business where my relaxation and nightly down time is now my business.

I don't wallow in self pity-I have an amazing husband and faithful family by my side. I think of how much my son has taught me over the years and how much he continues to teach me- to step back and realize what is important in life. My patience has grown, tolerance of others, new found optimism in every situation and to realize that everything happens for a reason. His little life reminds me that no one is by our side more than God. A constant reminder of this is Isaiah 43:2, "When you go through deep waters, I will be with you" NLT.

Your purchases directly go to helping my family fund the needs of my spunky man and I hope that thought encourages you to look for the best in all situations and know that you are contributing to making a difference in the lives of Autistic Children! Each year, a percentage of all annual proceeds each year are donated to to a local Autism organization or agency, to further autism research and provide support to families living with Autism.