Engraved Autism Awareness Aluminum Dog Tags

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As a parent of an autistic child, you always want your child to be safe in the event of any emergency. When a special needs child becomes scared or unfamiliar in their surroundings, these are the moments when they may not be able to communicate for or to help!

Select your color and the option of a keychain or a necklace. The necklace is a 24" ball chain style necklace. *Please note the purple color is more of a neon purple, and not as lavender looking as the pictures show, as well as the gold looking more of a stainless color in the photos.

Input your desired engraving at checkout. These are great for backpacks, zipper pulls on jackets, or as a necklace when travelling on vacation or out in public. Each dog tag is made from anodized aluminum. They are lightweight, and laser engraved for permanent etching. Each tag measures 2" X 1.25". The information side can be customized with the appropriate information for your child or adult with special needs. If you have any customization questions, please contact us prior to purchase.