Select Your Size-Bible Case Cover Teal Laser Engraved Hope Anchors the Soul- Bible Case Cover with Zipper Closure-Nautical Bible Case

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This Bible Cover Case is teal leatherette, with the design laser engraved. The designs are laser engraved, and not vinyl stickers that will wear or fall off over time. There are two sizes for the cases, small and large. The small case measures approximately 9.25" high by 6.75" wide, fitting most standard bible sizes. Interior measurements are 9x6". The large case is 10.75" X 7.5". with an interior measurement of 10.25" X 7". Please ensure you select a size that will fit your Bible, as there are no returns or refunds on any personalized items. The front of the case has a small pouch where papers or bulletins can be placed, as well as an elastic pen or pencil holder on the inside. The case has a handle, and zipper to keep your Bible safely inside. I *Item will ship within 2 business days* Please note, this is not Genuine leather.